Cost and Timeline for Website Design and Creation: Guide

Cost and Timeline for Designing and Creating a Website: A Comprehensive Guide


How much does it cost to design and create a website, and what are the timelines for implementation? – this question is increasingly relevant in the digital age. This article provides a detailed analysis of various approaches, their costs, timeframes, and features.

Wix: Downsides and Implementation Timeline

Wix is a convenient tool for website creation, but its drawbacks include limited SEO capabilities and customization. Building a site on Wix can take from a few days to a week. Prices start from 100.


Shopify is suitable for e-commerce sites, offering a range of features. However, costs can increase due to paid add-ons. Development on Shopify takes from one to several weeks. Prices start from 300.

Custom Design with CMS

Websites with unique designs created in Figma and CMS (like WordPress, Opencart, Modx) offer greater flexibility and better SEO optimization. Such projects can take from one month to several months, depending on the complexity. Prices start from 2000.

Solutions for Large Web Portals

For large-scale projects, frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are often used, allowing the creation of scalable and high-performance web portals. The timelines for such projects vary from several months to a year.

PHP and Python in Web Development

PHP dominates web development due to its specialization in server-side scripting, widespread use in CMS, and hosting services. It provides excellent performance, a wide range of frameworks, and a large developer community.

Meanwhile, Python is used less frequently in web development. While it offers simplicity and powerful data processing capabilities, PHP is often preferred for its specialized web capabilities, better integration with many web technologies, and extensive support from hosting providers.


The choice of technologies and platforms for web development varies depending on goals, budget, and timelines. While platforms like Wix and Shopify offer quick solutions, custom design using CMS ensures better flexibility and efficiency for businesses. PHP remains the preferred choice for web development, offering extensive capabilities and support.

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